Welcome, I’m Isha (it’s pronounced “eye-shah”) Thorpe! Originally from Brooklyn, New York; I’m now based in Los Angeles, California and I manage REVOLT TV’s website — I also own www.ishathorpe.com. Check it out!

Being a working media professional for some years now, I’ve been contemplating how I can help give back to younger, college students/grads who’re entering the workforce. So, I’ve decided to lend my editing talents to these up-and-coming stars and create a resume editing service.

Resume editing service

According to Robert Meier, the president of Job Market Experts, “98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the ‘Top 2%’ of candidates make it to the interview.” In other words, almost all job applicants have resumes that don’t catch the hiring manager’s eye and are deemed unworthy of job consideration… no matter how talented the applicant may truly be. And to make matters more difficult, the average hiring manager looks at a resume for only  five to seven seconds! Yikes.

As someone who was hired for over nine internships at reputable companies like Marie Claire magazine, NBC Universal, VIBE magazine; high fashion labels Moschino, Rag & Bone, etc.; and was hired as a writer at outlets such as Yahooall before college graduation! — as well as who’s hired staff at my current place of employment, I know what it takes to get your resume through that door for an interview for the job of your dreams!

It’s also worth noting that aside from REVOLT TV, I’ve also snagged highly competitive jobs at other major entertainment companies such as iHeartRadio, VH1, OK Magazine, Star Magazine, and so many more after college. Yep, my resume is the truth… and I want yours to be, too.

College students and grads resumes

resume writing

Resume editing services charge an average of $100 – $500. But, I won’t for my work because I remember being a broke college student/entry-level applicant at one point in time. So, for a huge fraction of those (unbelievably high) prices, I’ll help a new job seeker out by editing their resumes to perfection, in turn increasing their chances of getting hired at their desired employment destination.

My Qualifications/ Expertise:

  • Over five years of journalism/editing/writing experience (Excluding my work during college — if counted, it would be more).
  • My managerial position consists of me editing 1200-1500 word articles per day for a major TV network owned by one of the biggest entertainment moguls in the world.
  • Have trained web producers, editors, writers, etc. at multiple media companies to do their editing jobs to the best of their abilities.
  • Knowledge of copyediting, proofreading, AP Style, etc.

What I Can Do For Your Resume: 

  • Thoroughly proofread
  • Meticulously copyedit
  • Highlight your achievements so your resume can shine bright
  • Completely re-structure, if needed
  • Quick turnout, if needed
  • Cover letter edits, if needed
  • Offer extremely affordable/competitive rates for college students and/or recent grads (Below that $100-$500 range)

It’s hard out there in the workforce — especially in the journalism/media field — but I have your back college student/grad! Hit me up below and introduce yourself, and I’ll reach out to you ASAP, so we can get started on putting your best foot forward for your future. Your dream job is waiting.






“Isha was extremely helpful not only by crafting a perfect resume for my desired career, but she also took the time to thoroughly answer any questions I had. Isha’s insight on what makes a top-notch resume is invaluable and she tailored mine to showcase my best skills and experience for the job of my dreams. She even recognized field-specific skills that I wasn’t properly showcasing in my resume before.” Lindsay Moran, college grad

“Isha Thorpe‘s assistance was essential in taking my resume to the next level. She was very responsive and returned my edited resume to me quickly.” – Ariana Donaville, graduate student 

“Isha was very thorough and diligent when it came to revising my resume, and did so in a timely manner.” – Le’ianna Gladden, undergrad student 

“Isha did a lovely job on my resume! Throughout the whole process, she communicated with me and asked what my needs were. She went above and beyond what I expected.” – Destiny Jackson, college grad

“My resume is very clean and concise! I’m sure this resume will finally land me the position I deserve!” – Tia Long, college grad